Keeping you moving with Crystal Clear Warranty
At Langley Prestige we are delighted to partner with Crystal Clear Warranty to offer you a range of comprehensive vehicle warranties for your peace of mind.
We fully appreciate that buying a car is a significant investment. Usually second only to your home, a car is an expensive asset and you’ll want to ensure that it’s always ready to go whenever you need it.
Unfortunately given the nature of cars and the number of moving parts under the bonnet, unavoidable issues can arise. When the worst happens you’ll want to be covered to avoid expensive repair bills. Crystal Clear Warranties offers you this peace of mind and it’s a pleasure to be able to offer these warranty packages to you.
Peace of Mind
Since 1984, Crystal Clear Warranty has been the recognised mark of quality in driving the standard of customer care. Our warranty cover levels safeguard the vital components of your vehicle in the event of unexpected mechanical or electrical failure. With a generous individual claim limit and diagnostic costs included on valid claims, you can drive away happy knowing we are behind you for every mile.
We also believe in transparency. All of our warranties are presented in a way where no confusing industry jargon is used and we are pleased to have our wording approved by the Plain English Campaign.
Our warranty packages come with a range of benefits and at certain levels includes GenAssist - your emergency breakdown service available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. GenAssist helps you to get back on the road and offers…
  • Doorstep Assistance
  • Breakdown Assistance
  • Nationwide Recovery
In addition, in the event of a breakdown or even everyday motoring issues, for example, keys locked in the vehicle or running out of fuel, GenAssist will also be there to help you get back on the road.
In the unlikely event of mechanical or electrical failure, making a claim is easy. There are no claims forms to fill in. Simply call the team at Crystal Clear Warranty on 01522 513833 and we’ll be more than happy to help you get back on the road.
You can discover more about our warranties using the form below.

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